Tiny Tasters

No sticky fingers for your guests with these mini 4-inch tasting spoons. Disposable spoons make you ever so proper when doing a jello shot. Sometimes you feel like using your tongue, sometimes you don’t. And there are times when you have no business showing folks your tongue. Kinda like gum in church, ya know? So, for these occasions, break out these adorable tiny spoons and serve them with your shots, in fancy cups of course. Now you’re ready. Go ahead, invite the Queen to your party; or just your mother-in-law.
48 spoons per package.

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Don’t forget!
The Jellinator is the ONLY way to make jello shots! Or jelly shots or jello shooters…whatever you call them, you know it’s not a party without ‘em! And once you make jello shots using the Jellinator, you won’t believe you ever made them without it.

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Oh, almost forgot. The Jellinator is MADE IN U.S.A.
But we ship world-wide. That’s what we call sharing the love… world peace and the universal language of jello shots. Let’s jellinate. Can’t we all just jellinate?