Jello Shot Cups

You can’t make Jello shots and not have the right Jello shot cups! You get 125 stackable 2-ounce cups and lids that DON’T spill or leak- HOLLER! Perfect for the cooler, for travel, or just getting to the fridge without a mess. These shot cups can be hard to find, so get yours from us. Save a few bucks when you purchase a Jellinator Party Pack.

Jellinator jello shot cups with lids are the only way to transport your jello shots. No leaks or spills. And it’s the only way to ensure no scary cooler
water gets in to them.

How do you make jello shots? With the Jellinator, of course!

Here’s how:

First, well, you need to purchase a Jellinator.

Second, you get one of our awesome, delicious, tested recipes from the recipe pages here at We have the best tasting jello shot
recipes around! You can also sign up for the Ultimate Party Newsletter for new recipes all the time, including party tips and tricks to getcha in the
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Finally, whatcha think you’re gonna do with that delicious concoction? Rest assured we’ve got a fine selection of cups and lids for your partying pleasure.We’ve got stuff for every party you can think of. If not, just drop us a line andwe will fix that in a jiffy. Or a jiggle.

Remember, we ship world-wide within 24 hours of placing your order. Expedited shipping is available for those of us who roll last minute like. Order you Jellinator party supplies now!