Jellinator Packages

Everyone wants to save a few bucks. You need party supplies and you need to save some moolah. No need to break the bank on your next party. Jellinator packages, such as the Party Pack, are a great way to save.

What’s a Party Pack?

Save a few bucks by getting a Jellinator Party Pack, complete with a Jellinator, 125 shots cups with lids, AND the Top 100 Recipes booklet! Get everything you need cheaper when purchased together than if purchased separately.
Not too shabby!

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Here’s an idea for the Party Pack:

Make a Jellinator Gift Basket:
Whether you use a metal trough (ideal for chilling shots and bottles), wicker basket, or colorful plastic tub, here’s all you need to add to thrill the pants off the recipient:
1 bottle hard liquor (vodka)
1 bottle triple sec or peach schnapps
The Jellinator, the Jello Shot Maker
Jello shot cups and lids
1 Jello shots recipe booklet
6 boxes jello, assorted flavors
Stick some shredded paper or tulle in the basket, add the goodies and bow. Viola!