Molding Jello Shots

Flavored jello, such as Jell-O brand or Royal will not mold well without the addition of some Knox unflavored gelatin. The Knox package recommends using 1 pkg. gelatin per every 1 cup of water. To mold your jello shots, you must first spray your mold with non-stick cooking spray, then blot the excess with a paper towel. Be warned that Jellinator recipes can only be molded with the addition of more Knox gelatin (add 1 package per average recipe, including the recipes that start with Knox gelatin).

The reason is this: Molded jello shooters must be CHEWED rather than shot or swallowed. You know, like a gummy bear. Maybe we have texture issues, but for this reason, we prefer to serve our shots in cups. You can always splurge on some fancier cups. You can get them right here at Bet you knew we were gonna say that.