Sparkling French Martini Jello Shots

Valentine’s Day Jello Shots? Bachelorette Party Jello Shots? …What’s flirtier than a French Martini?

This one is made even more decadent with a sparkling top,

perfect for Valentine’s Day or a Bachelorette Party!

Sparkling French Martini Jello Shots

French Martini Jello Shots

1 box Pineapple jello dissolved in

1 cup hot water.  Add:

½ cup vodka (or vanilla vodka)

½ cup Chambord (raspberry schnapps)

¼ cup raspberry sherbet

Garnish with a sugar-dipped strawberry or raspberry before serving.

Check out this video showing you how to put a sparkling top on ANY JELLO SHOT RECIPE!

Sparkling Jello Shots (without champagne or sparkling water)