STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD! Oh wait… It’s okay, it’s jello!

Jello Legos -

There are many Jello Lego recipes out there, but your Jello Experts at take the time to do the research for you.  That’s what we’re here for.  We like making your life easier…  Just like the Jellinator: No mess, no stress!

So, there are two ways to make these babies: the Jiggler method and the Candy method.

The candy method, from YouTube’s “The King of Random”, doesn’t require refrigeration.  Rather, these legos cool to room temperature.  They become more like gummy candies with the addition of corn syrup.

The Jiggler method requires refrigeration, as it is simply jello.  The addition of Knox gelatin keeps them from melting too quickly. However, YOU CAN ADD BOOZE TO THIS RECIPE!

Both methods are great because either way, you’re going to eat them after you play with them!

Jello Legos -


1 box jello, any flavor (3-oz.)

1 pkg. Knox gelatin

1 cup hot water*

Silicone Lego mold or ice cube tray (find on Amazon or the Lego store)

*For boozy Legos, use ½ cup hot water to dissolve your jello, then add ½ vodka or alcohol of choice.

Directions: Dissolve jello in hot water. Sprinkle Knox on top. Let it soak for a minute then stir gently into the jello mixture. HERE IS WHERE YOU ADD THE BOOZE! Now, pour the mixture into your Jellinator and fill the silicone Lego mold once the bubbles have dissipated. Chill until set and unmold your creations!


1 box jello, any flavor (3-oz.)

2 pkgs. Knox gelatin

½ cup COLD water

¼ cup corn syrup

Silicone Lego mold or ice cube tray (find on Amazon or the Lego store)

Directions: Mix the cold water and corn syrup. Pour both gelatins on top and let them soak for a few minutes. Stir until mixed. Now, warm the mixture over medium-low heat for 5-10 minutes. Stir every few minutes. Remove from heat and let the mixture sit until any bubbles come to the surface. Skim the bubble off the top and pour the mixture into your Jellinator to fill your molds.  Cool to room temperature and unmold your gummy Legos! How great would these be for a child’s birthday party! A MUST for a Lego themed party!

See? Now it’s totally appropriate to play with your food!