Easter Fun Jello Shots

Check out these adorable Easter Jell-O brand Jiggler molds available everywhere!

Easter Fun Jello Shots - Jellinator.com

What a fun addition to your Easter buffet!

What recipe to use?  It depends upon whether you will be using alcohol.

No alcohol recipe: Follow the directions on the Jell-O mold box. You will simply use less water with your jello to make them “jigglers”.

Using booze?  Yeah, we figured.  Simply add one package of Knox unflavored gelatin to your favorite Jellinator recipe.

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No matter what jello shot recipe you use, you need the Jellinator. Why? Because unless you like it slow and sticky, you need a Jellinator! And here is the important part: the Jellinator will keep you from spilling and wasting the booze (the secret ingredient, shhhh!).  Now grab your Jellinator by the horns and LET’S JELLINATE!

It’s the ONLY way to make jello shots!

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